[b-hebrew] root or suffix?

pporta at oham.net pporta at oham.net
Wed Jan 16 01:51:38 EST 2008

Dear b-hebrew listers,

in a word as &DHW, his field (Gn 23:9) ------- letter H is a root letter, 
namely the last letter of &DH, field (Jl 1:10), or rather does it belong to 
the suffix, namely HW as it clearly happens, for a sample, in R(HW, his 
fellow (Rt 3:14)?

I'm putting this question because I need to know the right place where to 
put this word type &DHW (the same as QCHW in Gn 47:21 and so on...), within 
the Hebrew Schemary.

Pere Porta
Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) 

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