[b-hebrew] to cause to destroy

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One needs to distinguish between the root and the act. The root YB$ 
expresses the mere idea of bodily 'dryness' or 'solidity'. The problem with 
an initial Y is that it may be construed a grammatical addendum. Hence the 
hiphil form of this root is HOBI$, where HO = HU) and I = HI) are the actors 
in the drama of a body made to assume the state YB$. The actors may be 
different persons [namely wind and the fruit] as in Ezekiel 19:12, "The east 
wind withered her up", or the same person [namely the vine] as in Joel 1:12, 
"The vine has dried up". I see there no meaningful difference between 

Contemporary Hebrew uses GARAM, 'caused', only in case of an indirect or 
remote responsibility.

Isaac Fried, Boston University

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> I asked if the hiphil form of the verb shin het tav (to destroy) could 
> also be used as "to cause to destroy" since hiphil is causative. I think 
> there are some verbs that are in hiphil and are used as causatives and as 
> regular verbs like the verb spelled yud bet shin in hiphil it means "to 
> become dry" and "to make dry." The verb bet yud nun in hiphil it means "to 
> understand " and "to cause to understand". The verb yud lamed dalet in 
> hiphil is "to cause to beget" and "to beget". I can't really check each 
> verb's use in quotes, but I saw these words in a dictionary, so I am 
> assuming these definitions are right.
> Kenneth Greifer
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