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At 12:21 PM 1/10/2008, you wrote:
>We don't need further biased results.
>What we really need is a strong "blind test".
>A blind test means that the material should be given to someone
>who has never heard of the documentary hypothesis,
>preferably one who has never even heard of the bible.
>A blind test, as routinely used in statistical pattern recognition,
>must first show that the program is able to
>1) consistently show high probability for common authorship
>     when presented with test texts written by a single author,
>     even when these texts were written years apart and
>     in different styles (Shakespeare sounds like a good candidate).
>2) consistently differentiate between artificially mixed test text
>     of different authorship, even when these authors worked about the
>same time
>     and in similar styles
>and all these tests must be carried out by someone who does not know
>what the results should be.
>Only thereafter can any credence be given to the results.

Thank you Yaakov. This was what I meant to say when I introduced what 
I see as the problem.

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