[b-hebrew] to cause to destroy

kenneth greifer greifer at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 10 02:26:16 EST 2008

I asked if the hiphil form of the verb shin het tav (to destroy) could also be used as "to cause to destroy" since hiphil is causative. I think there are some verbs that are in hiphil and are used as causatives and as regular verbs like the verb spelled yud bet shin in hiphil it means "to become dry" and "to make dry." The verb bet yud nun in hiphil it means "to understand " and "to cause to understand". The verb yud lamed dalet in hiphil is "to cause to beget" and "to beget". I can't really check each verb's use in quotes, but I saw these words in a dictionary, so I am assuming these definitions are right.
Kenneth Greifer
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