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Dear Yitzhak;

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>But in fact, because of dialogue, Mazar has modified the conventional view,
>and this view, now called "Modified Conventional Chronology" is winning

In what way are you speaking? I'd be curious to read that article. I was
never under the assumption that Mazar "owned" or was otherwise the "keeper"
of the conventional view, and therefore could make changes to it at will
(and send other conventional scholars a memo stating "by the way, I've
thrown Finkelstein a bone. We'll now be modifying the conventional
chronology in this and that way". I'm  certain it didn't happen that way,
but your references makes it sound rather like a matter of fiat). I have
been understanding that there's not much archaeological reasons (like
certain stratum at Arad) to support Finkelstein's 50 year down-dating, and
that there's no more support for his theory now than when first proposed.


>Furthermore, if the majority of scholars have been convinced, as evidently
>had already happened by 1890 for the Documentary Hypothesis, then the
>burden of proof lies with those who remain "skeptical," as you call them (a
>really odd term in this situation).

To be fair, you're referring to what was, initially, a small group of
scholars of a particular clique and associated with certain professors and
universities. I'd say it's arguable that DH was spread therefore in the
teacher-student process as much as (if not more than) the peer-review

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