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(Isaac Fried)
Does GALAH really means ‘to uncover’,
or is this but an implication for something more basic and concrete? Are we
really “uncovering” something? Is it possible that a Hebrew root could mean
‘uncover = un-cover’?

Since from your question it seems you do not think that GALAH does mean "to 
uncover" .... etc, etc, would you, Isaac, be so kind to better, openly, 
clearly explain all this?
Namely, what is your thought on issues you are putting here:
1. What does GALAH really mean?
2. Are we really uncovering something or not?
3. Is it possible that a Hebrew root means "uncover" or ... it is 

Do your best to be clear in your explanation/s!

Pere Porta
Barcelona (Spain)

Looking from time to time at relevant entries in my etymological dictionary
at www.hebrewetymology.com could be highly beneficial.

Isaac Fried, Boston University

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> Isaac,
> thank you for your explanation.
> Unfortunately, my level is not high enough to understand what you mean.
> (And I wonder if anyone on this list does understand it... since nobody, 
> nobody mails to the list anything on this issue...)
> I think you have a hard work to do if you want people understand what you 
> mean.
> So, I'd say:
> 1. It will be better we leave this issue as it is...
> 2. And finally: try, if possible, to explain what is the equivalence of 
> XALAH, be sick, and GALAH, uncover.
> Pere Porta
> Barcelona

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