[b-hebrew] Wellhausen (was Cladistics)

Bill Rea bsr15 at cantsl.it.canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Jan 6 16:06:46 EST 2008

Edward wrote:-

>Remaining personally uncommitted to Wellhausen's linguistic program
>(the cladistics of his ideological appeal I have already discribed the
>other day on this list),

I read the earlier posts on Wellhausen's ideology, which I do not
doubt. However, ultimately the DH stands or falls on evidence.
While Wellhausen appears to have had an ulterior motive, nevertheless
the basic hypothesis and its refinements have stood the test of time
and is accepted by scholars and others from all over the religious
spectrum. Many who accept it and/or have made refinements to the DH
can not be accused of having ulterior motives. Its an idea which now stands
independently of its origins. If you are holding back because of
Wellhausen's private ideology, that's not a valid reason.

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