[b-hebrew] Spelling changes in the BHS

Mark Spitsbergen awakesd at mac.com
Sat Jan 5 15:30:12 EST 2008

I have a question regarding spelling changes of: Mash to Meshech,  
Shalach to Salah, Obal to Ebal in Genesis 10:23-28 and 1 Chronicles  
1:17-22. When we consider that Arpachshad is not Semitic and  
potentially more Assyrian to begin with (Knoppers 2004; Gunkel 1926;  
Westermann 1984;  Blenkinshopp 1992:90) would  this be a clue to an  
adaptation of the truly Semitic spellings to more of an Aramaic one  
in the time of Ezra?


Mark Spitsbergen

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