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On Jan 4, 2008 7:03 AM, Christopher Kimball <transcriber at tanach.us> wrote:

> K Randolph wrote:
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> > One of the main reasons I heard over the years for opposing the
> methodology
> > of DH is that it can be applied to only one document, that it cannot
> > accurately describe any other document. If it cannot be applied to any
> other
> > document, why should we trust it when applied to Bible?
> >
> >
> The methodology of the DH is text analysis. Text analysis is common in
> literature studies and jurisprudence.  It's a very common tool in
> locating plagiarism.  And, it's also a tool in splitting the book of
> Isaiah into two or more pieces.

In locating plagiarism, one starts with two documents, then checks to see if
the later document copied from the earlier.

But in splitting Isaiah into two or more pieces, we start with one document,
then postulate that it is two or more documents based on its contents. First
of all, that is Bible, secondly the method does not apply to other documents
outside of Bible.

Two different methodologies are applied in the two paragraphs above.

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Karl W. Randolph.

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