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i can't recall (and i can't check now), but does non-tiberian vocalization have a meteg?
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> From: yodan at yodanco.com> To: b-hebrew at lists.ibiblio.org> Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 08:43:03 -0800> Subject: [b-hebrew] meteg> > I'm not sure if this is the kind of question that is of interest to this> group, but perhaps some of you know the answer.> > > > I'd like to find out if anyone knows the origin of (who started using it),> or reason for (the relationship between the actual meaning and its use in> reading the Biblical text), of the term "meteg". > > > > To the best of my knowledge, it wasn't used by the Masoretes who "gave us"> the meteg, which they called ga'ya (literally, "mooing", meaning raising the> voice). Other names for the same trope are ma'amid (making it stand in its> place) and ma'arikh (prolonging). > > > > Meteg has been and is continued to be used by Ashkenazim and is also in> modern Hebrew. But does anyone know how this term started being used? > > > > While the names "ga'ya", "ma'amid", and "ma'arikh" allude to the> role/function of what is also called "meteg", the reason for the name meteg> is less obvious to me. > > > > In the Tanakh, a meteg (Proverb 26:3 ) means "bridle" that's used for a> donkey. > > > > Does anyone know (preferably providing references, if possible) if a meteg> is called meteg because:> > - It looks like the little metal bar that (according to Even> Shoshan's dictionary) is placed on the harness or whatever a donkey-driver> places on a donkey? (so it's just a matter of the shape?)> > OR> > - Its role in Torah-reading is somehow related to "harnessing" or> "guiding" or whatever a bridle does to a donkey?> > > > Perhaps there are other reasons for the name meteg. > > > > Thanks in advance,> > > > Rivka Sherman-Gold> > > > > > _______________________________________________> b-hebrew mailing list> b-hebrew at lists.ibiblio.org> http://lists.ibiblio.org/mailman/listinfo/b-hebrew
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