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Hi, All:
For some reason I did not received the first posting of this thread. Could  
someone either repost or send it directly to me?
Accordingly I did not grasp the thesis. What is being proposed regarding  the 
redating of Daniel? Is the proposal Christological, e.g. applying a day  for 
a year and interpreting the 70 weeks (=490 years) as beginning in 455 BCE  and 
ending in the first century CE? Or is a Persian era interpretation being  
I'm not sure of exactly what is being said about the two lunar eclipses,  but 
if this reading of the text is certain, then it is very good evidence to peg  
the dates for Artaxerxes. One caution is to actually double check directly 
with  astronomers as to the actual occurrence of such a dual eclipse. I have 
seen some  very poor scholarship when one antiquarian relies on the statements  
of another, but fails to get a real astrophysicist to weigh in.
Ted Brownsteiin
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torythrp at yahoo.com writes:

Rolf: "A  comparison of the Akkadian signs (not the English translation) of 
the  cuneiform tablets BM 32234 - the tablet reporting the two lunar eclipses 
in  year 21 of Xerxes - and the celestial positions on BM 33478 - which  
tentatively is applied to year 24 of Artaxerxes I, the reign of Artaxerxes I  is 
pushed back 10 years - 475 being his accession year. (The tablets are  discussed 
in  H. Hunger et al. (2001). "Astronomical Diaries and Related  Texts from 
Babylonia, vol V, Lunar and Planetary Texts" pp. 20, 21)   and  A. Sachs, H. 
Hunger (1988) "Astronomical Diaries and Related Texts  from Babylonia, vol I, pp. 
58-61.) This astronomical information destroys the  king list of Ptolemy, and 
interestingly - it shows that year 20 of Artaxerxes  I is 455, the very year 
that the 19th century expositors used as starting  point."

Out of curiosity, what Akkadian signs are you referring  to?

Tory Thorpe

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