[b-hebrew] Temple in Ezekiel 40+

Kevin P. Edgecomb kevin at bombaxo.com
Fri Dec 19 15:43:27 EST 2008

Karl Randolph asked:
Has anyone made a model of the temple as described in these last  
chapters of  Ezekiel?

I write:
There is this model (with some unusual commentary) which I remembered  
Stephen Cook linking to on his blog last year:

Karl asks:
How closely did those who worked on Harod's rebuilding of the temple  
follow those plans?

I write:
Apparently not at all, as the plans are quite different.  The Herodian  
temple complex lacks the symmetry of Ezekiel's plan.  But the complex  
described in the Qumran Temple Scroll appears to have been largely  
based on the Ezekiel Temple plan, with some interesting differences.   
Yigael Yadin's _The Temple Scroll_ (both editions: the complete  
3-volume set and the single volume popularization/abridgement) include  
very nice drawings of the Temple Scroll's temple complex.

Kevin P. Edgecomb
Berkeley, California

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