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Thu Dec 18 16:39:10 EST 2008

Dear Jason,

Three sources that you may want to study are: G. 
L. Archer jr. "Jerome's Commentary on Daniel" 
(1977). Grand Rapids: Baker Book House; J. 
Braverman (1978) "Jerome's Commentary on Daniel A 
study of comparative Jewish and Christian 
interpretations of the Hebrew Bible" The Catholic 
Biblical Quarterly Monograph Series 7; and O. 
Mörkholm (1966). "Antiochus IV of Syria". 
Köbenhaven: Gyldendalske Boghandel Nordisk forlag 

I am writing a book on the dating of the book of 
Daniel from a philological, linguistic, and 
historical point of view. Sad to say, regarding 
the book of Daniel and Antiochus IV, there is an 
overwhelming amount of traditional viewpoints 
that are presented as facts, and which are 
repeated over and over again without having any 
real foundation. Mörkholm shows that much of the 
history of Antiochus IV and his character is 
unknown. In many commentaries what the old 
sources say about Antiochus IV are manipulated to 
fit their interpretations of the text of Daniel.

A detailed study of Daniel 9:24-27 shows that the 
abomination of desolation was not set up by 
Antiochus IV in 167, but was set up in the first 
century C.E., as Medieval Jewish writers and the 
New Testament say. A detailed study of Daniel, 
chapter 11 and a new translation of the chapter 
has led me to conclude that contrary to the 
universal opinion, Antiochus IV is not mentioned 
at all in this chapter or elsewhere in the book 
of Daniel.

Best regards,

Rolf Furuli PH.D
University of Oslo

>Shalom B-Haverim,
>I'm just wondering if anyone has information on the various views on
>the verses from Daniel 9:24-27 that I might use in a research paper on
>the subject. I have a copy of Mikra'ot Gedolot on the book of Daniel,
>in addition to some online resources and just a couple of
>religious-natured books. I'm interested in referencing a reputed
>non-religious position on the section, perhaps providing argumentation
>supporting the view that the events mentioned in the verses were
>accomplished in the time of Antiochus IV, or any other position that
>might add to the content of my paper. This might also be references
>regarding Ptolemy's record of the reigns of the Persian kings, etc.
>I appreciate any offlist insight I can gather from the various (and
>they are many!) positions that exist for the interpretation of these
>verses. Any insights into the Hebrew text would be treasured. I am not
>operating at all from an English translation but am providing my own,
>seeing that I don't even own a copy of the Bible in English anymore (I
>left them all in America when I moved to Israel, bringing only two
>copies of the Tanakh, a couple of Talmudic volumes and a siddur).
>However, I can always use more eyes in seeing things in the text that
>I may by routine simply overlook.
>Thanks in advance for any feedback, both onlist (in terms of
>linguistic analyses and journal references {nota bene: I don't have
>access to decent libraries - please send journals that can either be
>looked up online or accessed in either Tel Aviv University's library
>or that of Bar Ilan}) or offline (personal opinions on
>interpretations, etc.).
>’ßÈÈÒÂÔÝ”Èȯ (Jason Hare)
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