[b-hebrew] Meteg and Shva Na/Nah

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No problem with the private sending to me.

As for the value of my comments, I demeaningly called them comments from the
peanut gallery, and hoped no one would take them too seriously.

It reminds me of pilpul, and remember, these are comments from the peanut

On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 11:33 AM, AMK Judaica <amkjudaica at hotmail.com>wrote:

>  Karl,
> d) vocalization and cantillation markings in general were added to the text
> long after biblical hebrew ceased to be a spoken language. so why single out
> the meteg for disregard?
No I did not single it out, rather mentioned that is it among those that I
don´t see because I don´t read a pointed text, usually not, almost never.

> as an aside, your comment about the insignificance of the meteg reminds me
> about a comment about the dagesh. gerson rosenzweig was an immigrant
> humorist, poet and shoe salesman (he advertised his store in the hebrew
> press under the name bet xalutz ha-na'al!) on new york's lower east side at
> the end of the 19th c.
> at the end of his "shirim, meshalim u-mikhtamim" (ny, 1893) he blamed the
> typsetter for any errors in the text and asked "the careful reader to take
> misplaced degeshim and place them where they are missing, and if there are
> not enough he should inform me and i will send him the missing degeshim. if
> there are extras, he may keep them as a gift."
Good story, thanks.

> kol tuv,
> ari kinsberg

 Yours, Karl W, Randolph.

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