[b-hebrew] re the root for YWM; Dagesh in final Kaph; Raesh with/without Dagesh

David Kolinsky yishalom at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 15 15:33:19 EST 2008

Dear friends,
I of course anticipate being barraged by rejections of the following theory / suggestion / proposition but afterall theories must be tested in the public arena:
YOM - day; literally meaning "time period that stirs up"
((as opposed to LayLaH - night; from L?H + L?H = "time period of exhaustion)) 
comes from the root HMH meaning to stir up / agitate / bring confusion
So too do the words:
YaM - sea (the place stirred up)
T'HoM - the deep (waters stirred up from both to the ocean and the water table)
HaMoN - the riotous crowd, tumult, abundance
M'HuMaH - commotion, trouble
HMM - to confound
NHM - to roar
HaeM - they (the crowd)
On another note, can anyone refer me to an exhaustively complete explanation for the placement of the Degesh - specifically I would like to understand when and why the Degesh can sometimes be found in the final Kaph, such as in the Priestly Blessing:
Ya?aeR haShem PaNaYW ?aeLeKha W'Y'ChuNeKa
Also, does anyone have an idea / suggestion / theory on how a Raesh might have sounded with and without a Dagesh? 
thanks for your time,
david kolinsky

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