[b-hebrew] Isaiah 53:2

kenneth greifer greifer at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 4 14:49:19 EST 2008

Karl, I think your translation of Isaiah 53:2 is similar to the ones I see in most books, but you have to believe that the word "sucker" or "young tree" can be masculine, but usually the word is feminine, and some of the rest of the quote literally sounds more like it is saying the person does not have an image, form, or look at all, and not just bad looks.  I realize that my idea of regrouping the letters in this quote is a wild idea, but I have another version of it if you don't mind. I just thought of it today. "And He caused to rise up like a wet ground (yud vav nun) the sound (the announcement) of His presence, and (but) like a root from dry ground, no form (look) is to it and no glory that we will see it, and no image that we will desire it."  
I don't plan to send more ideas about regrouping the letters of this quote. It just sounds a little poetic to me, and kind of sounds like the words go together. 
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