[b-hebrew] Fw: Linguistic, historical, cultural origins of yahweh

Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 3 20:49:12 EST 2008

   Gad, they all deal in one form or another with the subjects which 
interest you. 
   There is no consensus here, and many of the answers are speculative.
Just one example: De Moor holds that the name in question, YHWH,
is of northern, Aramaic origin. To me he is persuasive, but others disagree.
   Be that as it may, the search itself is rewarding.
    Uri Hurwitz                                                          Great Neck,NY                                            
To Uri and the other respondents-- Thank you!

While it looks as a whole lot of resources if not suggested research I am wondering whether those who suggested books could also direct me to the ones that deal more with the very origin of the name.

To my understanding there is less than a handful of references to the name in extra-biblical sources  in the late bronze age or  Iron Age. I wonder also whether it bears any characteristics that would associate it with a semitic language. 

Does any of the suggested books touch on those issues?

Gad Zack


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