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1) the breuer bible editions don't distinguish between sheva na/nach. i assume by chumash you are referring to his tikkun, but are you sure that he himself was responsible for inserting the na/nach markings here? my impression is that this he didn't do this himself
2) i'm not clear from your response to rivka. do you think that every meteg before a sheva, according to the massorets, is na? if so how do you account for the hundreds (thousands?) of examples where it is impossible for the meteg to indicate na (e.g., before a guttoral letter).
3) r. breuer listed 10 different classes of metagim; some metagim were definately before sheva nach. (and iirc ditto yeivin)
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When I say chumash -- I mean chumash; not something else :)

I'm talking about the Chorev Chumash that was published in the 1970s; there's a section about sheva, kamtas etc.; vay-,yo-om-'ru-u, for example,  is there. You can't miss it. 

I didn't say  "that every meteg before a sheva, according to the massorets, is na"; I was specific: meteg, vav+ shuruk; and of course I didn't talk about exceptions, differences  -- e.g. siddurim (Chabad, ArtScroll, Koren etc.etc.)

BTW, is it possible to post here an image? 


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