[b-hebrew] Linguistic, historical, cultural origins of yahweh

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To Uri and the other respondents-- Thank you!

While it looks as a whole lot of resources if not suggested research I am wondering whether those who suggested books could also direct me to the ones that deal more with the very origin of the name.

To my understanding there is less than a handful of references to the name in extra-biblical sources  in the late bronze age or  Iron Age. I wonder also whether it bears any characteristics that would associate it with a semitic language. 

Does any of the suggested books touch on those issues?

Gad Zack

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> Subject: [b-hebrew]  Linguistic, historical, cultural origins of yahweh
>   In addition to the useful titles listed by George below, let me
>  add: "The Rise of Yahwism" by Johannes De Moor  (2nd ed.).
>  He follows an independent path and, in my view, 
>  this work is indispensable to any serious study of the subject.
>   Uri Hurwitz                                              Great Neck, NY
> The emergence of Yahweh as a deity is generally associated with
>  southern localities, such as Edom, Midian, and Teyman, all of which
>  are in southern Jordan and northern Saudi Arabia. This might be what
>  is preserved in texts which talk about Yahweh coming from the south.
>  And, as Yigal has already mentioned, Yahweh came to be the patron
>  deity of both Israel and Judah.
> Some good resources to consult on this issue include the books by
>  Mark Smith: "The Early History of God" and "Memoirs of God". 
> You could also try Richard Hess' work, "Israelite Religions",
>  and even the older title edited by Diana Edelman, "Triumph of Elohim".
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