[b-hebrew] how many time reish has a dagesh? 18 in 12 books in the WLC.

Christopher Kimball transcriber at tanach.us
Fri Aug 15 18:06:30 EDT 2008

The Unicode/XML Westminster Leningrad Codex has 18 instances of a resh 
(x05E8) followed by a dagesh (x05BC) in 12 books of the Tanach.  

To see where they are, go to the Unicode/XML Westminster Leningrad Codex at

http://www.tanach.us/Tanach.xml   .

Go to the Supplements page by clicking the Supplements link in the 
upper, left corner.  On the Supplements page the second link down is for 
a text search, click it to arrive at the Search page.  Enter the 
following parameters:

"Search  Tanach  for hexadecimal values 5E8 5BC (in the text window)  
comparing accents and including both variants. Show verses and counts. "

and press Search.  The verses appear with the resh-dagesh in blue.

There's no distinction between the dagesh, dehik, etc, as these are 
simply Unicode Hebrew internal dots.

Chris Kimball
West Redding, CT  USA

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