[b-hebrew] how many time reish has a dagesh?

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Thanks, David. I'm looking for the total number of Reish with dots inside,
i.e. dagesh or any kind. A dehik is a type of dagesh. Technically, it's a
type of dagesh hazak, even though the reason for this dagesh and its
functionality are unlike that of dagesh hazak. So, I'd including this in the





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 Does any one know how many times the letter Reish

 appears in the Tanakh with

 a Dagesh? 


 (Example: LeShorekha in Proverbs 3:8). 


 It's possible that there are variations in different

 Masoretic manuscripts,

 but perhaps someone knows how many there are in the



Many thanks!



Rivka Sherman-Gold



> It's possible that there are variations in different

Masoretic manuscripts


There are variations! For example, Job 39:10 - without

dagesh: LC & Aleppo; with dagesh: Leningrad # 13 and 

Sassoon # 1053. And of course, vice versa.  Since of

that I'll compare both LC & AC.


And I'll definitely draw the distinction between

dagesh and dehiq.




Best & shabbat shalom



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