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On 10/30/07, Martin Shields <enkidu at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
> ..... Furthermore, as George points out, there are
> some places where it simply makes no sense to read the toledoth as
> concluding a section (e.g. Gen 25:12, 19; 36:1, 9). The toledoth
> clauses are better linked to genealogical information, not authorial
> information, and are best understood to stand at the beginning of a
> section, not the end.
Genesis 6:9 is another verse.

> Martin Shields,
> Sydney, Australia.
That's if you assume that TWLDWT always refers to generations. But
what I noticed is that the verb itself is not always connected with
giving birth, sometimes it refers to the broader sense of bringing
forth, so the derivative TWLDWT is not necessarily connected with
generations. Once that's accepted, then the anomalous uses make sense.

In these uses, I connect the noun with the broader meaning of bringing
forth. These are the things that the author wants to impart, to bring
forth. As such, the noun has no connections with generations.

Karl W. Randolph.

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