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Not to forget Matthew 1:1, as well.  Matthew seemed to view the toledot 
formula as a section-starter.

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Martin Shields wrote:
> On 31/10/2007, at 12:29 AM, K Randolph wrote:
>> I have heard from lectures that there was an ancient literary style
>> that went out of use about early to mid second millennium BC, the
>> title and author were added to the end of a document, instead of at
>> the front as is modern practice (since at least the first millennium
>> BC to now).
> While it is true that certain Akkadian scribal works included a  
> colophon which noted the identity of the scribe, I believe there are  
> important distinctions between the toledoth clauses in Genesis (and  
> elsewhere, cf. Ruth 4:18) and the Akkadian colophons which make them  
> unlikely to be valid precedents for understanding the function of  
> these verses in Genesis. AFAIK the Akkadian colophons include explicit  
> affirmation that the named scribe wrote the words (Genesis does not  
> identify its author(s)). Furthermore, as George points out, there are  
> some places where it simply makes no sense to read the toledoth as  
> concluding a section (e.g. Gen 25:12, 19; 36:1, 9). The toledoth  
> clauses are better linked to genealogical information, not authorial  
> information, and are best understood to stand at the beginning of a  
> section, not the end.
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