[b-hebrew] Gen 1 & Gen 2

George Athas george.athas at moore.edu.au
Tue Oct 30 23:45:51 EDT 2007

Hi Karl!

You're absolutely right - there is no toledoth formula at the
beginning of Genesis. And that is precisely my point. It means that
Gen 1 sits separately to the rest of the book.

I understand a little better what you're saying. What I'm saying about
Gen 2 is that it is a completely different story to Gen 1, even though
the subject matter (creation) is the same. The difficulty I have with
your traffic jam analogy is that it seems to assume there is one story
to tell, just from different angles. I would argue that Gen 1 is a
discrete story from Gen 2 and chooses to convey the subject matter in
a totally different way. Also, the details don't match up between the
two, and your traffic jam analogy assumes the details do overlap. As
such, the analogy doesn't sit well with me.


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