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Karl W. Randolph and Isaac Fried: 
Related to your discussion of YLD, what is the exact meaning of  
1.  I view MWLDX as meaning  "father's descendants". 
2.  Esther 2: 10, 20  distinguishes MWLDX from )M/aleph-mem/am.  I do not 
think that MWLDX means "people" or "relatives".  Rather, I see MWLDX as being 
limited to  one specific set of relatives, namely the issue/YLD from/M one's 
father:  MWLDX.  The English translation of "kindred" is not too  bad, if 
"kindred" is taken in its narrowest possible English context, namely  being limited to 
the descendants of a common ancestor, with the accent being on  
descendants/issue/those born, and with there being no reference to, much less  any accent 
on, one's ancestors (as opposed to the word "am").  
3.  Ezekiel 16: 3  distinguishes mekuwrah/origin/nativity/digging out metals 
from a mine from  MWLDX.  I do not view MWLDX as  meaning "birth" or "native", 
though it's sometimes translated that way.  I see MWLDX as meaning "father's  
4.  I am particularly  interested in the precise meaning of MWLDX at Genesis 
11: 28 and Genesis 12:  1. 
5.  In any  event, MWLDX never includes one's ancestors, does it?   
6.  MWLDX has a very  different meaning than )M/am/people, doesn't it?  I see 
)M/am/people as always including  ancestors and MWLDX as never including 
ancestors.  Both are referring to "relatives", but  MWLDX is referring to one 
narrow subset of relatives, in my view:  "those brought forth [from one's  
father]", namely, "father's descendants". 
Jim Stinehart 
Evanston, Illinois

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