[b-hebrew] Gen 1:24 - holem waw

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Dear Charles,

I had never noticed this וֹ so I'm glad that you pointed this out. I don't
think it's normally translated, and I can't comment on whether you *can*
have a pronominal suffix in that position. I will just say that it's not the
common way to find it written. Notice how Onkelos translates this passage
into Aramaic:

וַאֲמַר יְיָ תַּפֵּק אַרְעָא נַפְשָׁא חַיְתָא לִזְנַהּ בְּעִיר וּרְחֵשׁ
וְחֵוַת אַרְעָא לִזְנַהּ וַהֲוָה כֵן׃

He used the phrase חות ארעא, which also left the holem-vav untranslated. I
don't know what it's function is. Rashi doesn't comment on the form. Maybe
someone else has an answer. It's an interesting question.

Jason Hare
English Teacher - Wall Street Institute
Rishon LeZion

On 10/30/07, Charles Grebe <cgrebe at briercrest.ca> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a quick question about the phrase WXYTWo-)RC in Genesis 1:24. I'm
> not sure what to do with the holem waw. It appears to be a pronominal
> suffix on the noun "chaya" which is part of a construct chain with
> "eretz." Can you have a pronominal suffix in the middle of a contruct
> chain like this? If so, or if not for that matter, how would you
> translate this?
> Thanks,
> Charles Grebe
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