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But the notes from this Table - I can't quote them all - I quoted 
some of them in parentheses - use the word 'redacted' as a synonym 
for 'wrote' and/or 'transcribed'

Here is my (partial) list:

Pentateuch redacted by Moshe  (the last 8 verses of the Torah, which 
refer to Moshe's death, were either written by Moshe be'dima - with 
tears - or by Joshua)

Joshua redacted by Joshua - the notes say, "The book of Joshua was 
written by Joshua, through Joshua 24:29 (which refers to Joshua's 
death), and was completed by Pinchas ben Elazar ben Aharon HaCohen 
)Bava Basra  15a)

Judges redacted by Samuel (Samuel wrote Judges and Samuel I, until I 
Samuel 28:3, which refers to Samuel's death.  The remainder was 
completed by Gad haChozeh and Natan HaNavi0

Kings redacted by Jeremiah (Jeremiah wrote Jeremiah, Kings and Eichah)

Isaiah redacted by Anshei Chizkiah (the scholars of King Chizkiah's 
generation, who survived Chizkiah by a number of years, transcribed 
Isaiah's prophecies after he was slain by Menashe (Yevamos 49b)

Jeremiah redacted by Jeremiah

Yechezkiel redacted by Anshei Knesset HaGedolah

Trei Asar redacted by Anshei Knesset HaGedolah

Psalms redacted by King David and Ten Elders (the notes name these ten Elders)

Song of Songs redacted by Anshei Chizkiah (Song of Songs, 
Ecclesiastes, and Proverbs were written by King Solomon, and were 
transcribed by Anshei Chizkiah (see Proverbs, 25:1)

OK, I'm not going to finish - you get the picture...

Shoshanna Walker

> QUESTION:  What does "Redacted" mean?
> Shoshanna

Karl W. Randolph.

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