[b-hebrew] Two X letters

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Mon Oct 29 21:03:38 EDT 2007

OK, here am I, not a scholar, just a person who grew up in a Torah 
observant home (in Queen, NYC) where both my parents and both sets of 
grandparents spoke Yiddish and (almost) Hebrew fluently, and me 
learning Hebrew since kindergarten, telling you that I always was 
under the impression that the relationship between Yiddish and Hebrew 
was that Yiddish was the vernacular adaptation in Poland, Russia, 
etc., to their main Love, (you know, it was the language of our 
liturgy and Torah) Hebrew - that Yiddish was a "Germanized" Hebrew, 
not vice versa.



> Being fluent in both Hebrew and Yiddish I know that Zuckerman's claim
> is inherently wrong. Also your claim that Hebrew owes "a lot of debt
> to Yiddish" is not, in my knowledge, even remotely substantiated. And
> what is "a lot", does this constitute a measure for something?

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