[b-hebrew] Gen 1 & Gen 2

George Athas george.athas at moore.edu.au
Mon Oct 29 17:30:28 EDT 2007

Bryant Williams wrote:

Genesis 1 describes the events of each day using Yom
with cardinal number and the phrase "evening and morning," etc., while
Genesis 2
is describing in more detail the events of Day 6. In no way is it
providing a
different creation story. This is paying attention to the literary
grammar, rhetorical devices, etc.


Bryant, I beg to differ. There are no chronological markers in Gen
2.4ff. to indicate a connection with Gen 1. Furthermore, the verb
forms used suggest a very different presentation of events. It seems
we have an empty but potentially fertile earth, followed by the
creation of a man and a grove to locate and occupy him, followed by
the creation of animals, and then of a woman to partner the man. Also,
the toledoth formula at 2.4 marks a clear break with the preceding

In light of these observations, I'd suggest that it is an assumption
to read Gen 2 as an 'in detail' view of Day 6 in Gen 1. And in any
case, the details don't seem to match up very well anyway. I think
there are far fewer problems with holding the two accounts apart as
distinct rather than seeing them as different facets of the same


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