[b-hebrew] Why a different vowel spelling?

pporta at oham.net pporta at oham.net
Mon Oct 29 01:33:09 EDT 2007

In Ps 144:14 we find YWC)T (female who goes out) . It has tsere under tsade.
In Song 8:10 we find MWC)T (preceded by K) (female who finds). It has tsere 
under aleph.

Both are Qal Participle, feminine singular, of verbs lamed"aleph, namely 
they belong to the same pattern.

Why in the first the tsere is under the second root consonant while in the 
second the tsere is under the third root consonant, the second one having 
sheva?  What is the reason for this difference?

Pere Porta
Barcelona (Spain) 

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