[b-hebrew] P.S. Re: 6-Month "Year"

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Mon Oct 29 00:46:49 EDT 2007

I only said it because Jim said:  "all the academics that I have 
read simply insist, point blank, that the ages of the Patriarchs do 
not make  sense, and that a coherent internal timeline of the 
Patriarchal narratives is  impossible."

If that is true, and ALL the ACADEMICS don't understand how the Torah 
makes any sense in this regard, then it is also true that ALL of 
those of us (in my experience) who have learned Torah from Chazal DO 
understand that the Torah makes complete sense - I just didn't know 
how else to phrase it, to make the distinction between those to whom 
the Torah makes complete sense, and those to whom the Torah makes no 
sense (at least this aspect of Torah under present discussion)

Shoshanna Walker

...the first paragraph of your post below, stating your
BELIEF in Chazal, is really a non-starter.

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