[b-hebrew] 6-Month "Year"

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I don't find my explanations of *na`ar* and the phrase 'two years of
days' problematic whatsoever. The so-called 'problems' you identify
are not problems at all in my book. Joseph being called *na`ar* is
indicative of his inferior status within the Egyptian court. Jacob's
'month of days' is an unusually long period to stay as a guest in
someone's house when usually it was just overnight or at maximum three
days that one stayed as a guest (cf. Jdg 19). That Jacob stayed for a
month makes us ask, 'Why is he staying so long?' The answer, as you've
picked up on, is that he was 'ogling' Rachel. This gives rise to the
device later in the narrative where Jacob can put up with inordinately
long periods of time in order to get Rachel (14 years all up + 1

The spin you've put on the evidence does not in any way make me want
to give up my currently held opinion for yours (or any other). Now,
I'm ready to admit I might be mistaken-humble pie is always good for
you. But nothing you've offered so far convinces me of the need to eat
some now.

Are you willing to admit that you might be mistaken?

Also, are you willing to admit that your view is marginal or 'out on a
limb'? I don't mean 'impossible' when I say that; just that it is a
novel view which does not find a majority consensus.


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