[b-hebrew] Well, what language did they speak?

Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 27 18:00:21 EDT 2007

 Yigal Levin wrote, inter alia:
  ..." According to Avraham 
Faust (in several articles), based mostly on survey data, the population 
decline in Judah as a whole seems to have been much more severe, up to 
60-70%.This is, of course, part of an on-going debate in recent years, "..
  that  indeed is what he wrote, and the debate is going on.The minimalists
  claimed that the destruction was less wide spread, and thus the
  number of the survivors would have been larger.
  But the subject came up in the context of the argument by some here that
   Hebrew ceased to be spoken with the exile because of the claim that the
  land  was completely denuded of its people.
  In contrast I  mentioned Liphschitz,  to indicate that this was incorrect. 
  Those who remained, if only a large minority of 30%-40%, obviously
   continued speaking their language.
  Every spoken langauge changes gradually, but this is a different matter.
  Uri Hurwitz                                                          Great Neck, NY

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