[b-hebrew] collecting myrrh and honey

K Randolph kwrandolph at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 05:03:25 EDT 2007

Dear Yaakov:

On 10/24/07, Yaakov Stein <yaakov_s at rad.com> wrote:
> > In Hebrew, or in English?
> Only in Hebrew.  I once tried reading a chapter of the KJV
> and gave up in frustration. That was my only experience in reading
> bible in any translation other than Aramaic.
When I started reading Tanakh only in Hebrew and Aramaic, the only
translation I had at home was the KJV, and I too was so frustrated at
the experience of reading the KJV that I too gave it up.

But I asked the question because of personal experiences of meeting
people who used almost the same words as you, but had never once read
Tanakh cover to cover in Hebrew and Aramaic, just in English with
occasional reading of short passages in Hebrew. I wanted to make sure
you are the real McCoy, i.e. one who isn't just implying more than
what he has done. Thanks for your response. It makes it easier to
carry on the conversation.

> Translation is always hard.
> Translation of the bible, where the words are so carefully chosen, is
> impossible.

> Yaakov (J) Stein
Karl W. Randolph.

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