[b-hebrew] Gezer Calendar and the 6-Month "Year"

George Athas george.athas at moore.edu.au
Wed Oct 24 22:27:21 EDT 2007

Hi Jim!

The word *na`ar* does not have as its basic meaning someone who is
young of age. Rather, it has the sense of someone who is
inexperienced. This often corresponds with people who are young in
age, and therefore who are inexperienced in life, but not always. It
might also refer to someone who is inexperienced at a trade or
profession (i.e., a trainee or apprentice). In any case, it generally
is indicative more of social status than actual age.

For this reason, I think you're engaging in special pleading to make
your 6-month year work. Just because you can provide an explanation
for many aspects of something does not mean that your explanation is
probable. A 'possible' theory is not always a 'reasonable' theory or
even a 'probable' theory.

Another factor to mention in all of this is the phenomenal lifespans
that we also find in ancient king lists from Mesopotamia, where
apparently the earliest kings ruled for quite a few thousand years
each! In my estimation, it's more plausible to see the Genesis
lifespans in the same general vein as those, than to propose a 6-month

In conclusion: I still don't buy your theory - you haven't convinced
me yet.


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