[b-hebrew] Psalm 145:14(?) Missing Verse Found

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This has actually been known for a while. It is mentioned in the 2002 book
"The Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls" by James Vanderkam and Peter Flint (p.
123, 124), though I am sure it has been knowledge since 11QPs(a) was edited.
The Nun verse, which is missing in MT and labeled "13b" in Vanderkam and
Flint's book, reads N)MN )LWHYM BDBRYW WXSYD BKWL M(&YW in Col. 7, lines 2-3
of 11QPs(a) and is translated as "God is faithful in his words, and gracious
in all his deeds" by them. Additionally, this verse wasn't really "lost"
since the Septuagint and MS Kennicott 142 contain it as well. 11QPs(a) does,
however, add further evidence that MT is defective here.




> Dear List,


> Below is the full article from Canadian Press about the DSS Conference 

> held in Vancouver, BC, Canada on October 13, 2007. This is the 60th 

> Anniversary of the finding of the DSS.




> NOW, my question, and this should be fun:)))). Judging from Psalm 145 

> it appears that this verse should start with Nun. What would the 

> Hebrew look like since I do not have a copy of the DSS Psalms?


> Rev. Bryant J. Williams III

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