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Solomon said that he *built* (בניתי "I have built") the first house
for HaShem, and I am pretty sure that a building did not exist in the
location and for that purpose before he constructed it. I agree with
you: בנה [BNH] can mean either "build" or "rebuild" as the context
demands. Sometimes we find, though, שוב [$WB] with it when it
specifically means "rebuild," as in Daniel 9.

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On 10/24/07, Trevor Nicholls <tmjpbn at xtra.co.nz> wrote:
> I would appreciate some feedback on a statement made to me recently:
> "Look at the way 'rebuilt' is used in the Bible, and it's always used of
> something which actually still exists."
> The context was Ezek 26 and the (re)building of Tyre, but I don't think
> that's particularly important.
> As I understand it BNH = build or rebuild, and it's translator's privilege
> to decide which is appropriate. I don't think the statement is correct.
> T
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