[b-hebrew] lifespans in the Bible

Calvin Lindstrom pclindstrom at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 23 21:10:31 EDT 2007

Dear Shoshanna,

Thanks for your comments here. I will have to check more into this.  
It is interesting to note how many people recently have lived past 110 
+ years.

Could you please specify what is the irregular form of the past tense.

Calvin Lindstrom

Shoshanna Walker wrote:

> That is Rashi's interpretation of Bereishit 6:3.  But that is
> probably IN ADDITION to the literal meaning of G-d's words, which, as
> we see, He really did implement - shortening man's life span.
> Moreover, the irregular form of past tense is used here, instead of
> plain future tense:  G-d was to say it, He knew earlier that He will
> have to say this, and now it was finally uttered.  He had foretold
> it, He knew at the time of Creation that the first crop of men would
> have to be destroyed.
> Shoshanna
> Isn't another interpretation of the 120 years the length of time
> before YHWH sent the flood?
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