[b-hebrew] lifespans in the Bible

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Tue Oct 23 20:48:32 EDT 2007

That is Rashi's interpretation of Bereishit 6:3.  But that is 
probably IN ADDITION to the literal meaning of G-d's words, which, as 
we see, He really did implement - shortening man's life span.

Moreover, the irregular form of past tense is used here, instead of 
plain future tense:  G-d was to say it, He knew earlier that He will 
have to say this, and now it was finally uttered.  He had foretold 
it, He knew at the time of Creation that the first crop of men would 
have to be destroyed.


Isn't another interpretation of the 120 years the length of time
before YHWH sent the flood?

Calvin Lindstrom
Church of Christian Liberty
Arlington Heights, IL

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