[b-hebrew] Interchangeable letters

George Athas george.athas at moore.edu.au
Tue Oct 23 06:51:19 EDT 2007

Just last week, a student asked me about this cosmetic similarity
between $LX and $LK. My answer was that they were probably unrelated

-          Heth and Kaph are not really interchangeable. To my
knowledge it occurs nowhere else.

-          The root $LK is limited to Hiphil/Hophal, but the root $LX
is more at home in Qal and Piel (very rare in Hiphil).

-          The root $LK may well come from a proto-Semitic conjugation
(Shaphel?) of the root HLK or WLK, meaning 'to go'. *IF* this is the
case, it would explain why $LK is at home in a causative stem, and
demonstrate that the roots are clearly unrelated.


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