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From: Gary Hedrick 
Date: 23/10/2007 2:36:06 AM 
What's a good study on the relationship between early Hebrew and the 
Canaanite language/dialects? Also, does anyone know of a scholarly source 
That summarizes what we've learned about Canaanite religion, culture, and 
Language from the Ugarit rediscovery in Syria in 1928? 
Gary Hedrick 
San Antonio, Texas USA 
GaryH at cjfm.org 
Apart from "Dialect Geography of Syria-Palestine, 1000 - 586 BC" by Randall
Garr (1985) [particularly chapter 5], I don't know of anything dealing
specifically with Canaanite dialects. I would recommend  "The Semitic
Languages" by Robert Hetzron (Ed) as a good place to start a search for
answers.  It will allow you to see Hebrew within the larger picture of
Semitic languages.  The standard view is that Hebrew, Phoenician, Moabite,
Ammonite and the language of the El-Amarna letters are all dialects of
Canaanite.  There is an excellent book on Ugarit, but unfortunately I can't
remember the name right now.  I am sure someone else will know.  There have
been a number of good articles published if you have access to a good
It never hurts to Google when you run out of ideas :)  Have a look at the
articles at: http://www.nelc.ucla
Kevin Riley

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