[b-hebrew] Assumptions about ANE ages that just don't work

Markus Karzelek markus at karzelek.com
Sun Oct 21 05:48:20 EDT 2007

> 2.  The first geographical reference in the Patriarchal
> narratives (Genesis 11: 28) is oddly to Ur.
> Ancient Ur  was the only place on the face of the
> planet in mankind's long history that celebrated a multi-day New
> Year/Akitu celebration every 6 months.  This peculiar early
> reference to Ur may  signify that all ages in the Patriarchal
> narratives are being set forth in terms  of 6-month "years".

I would be careful reading this out (or in) the reference to Ur, since the
Torah was written to the people of Israel - and not to readers in Ur.
And if - as you wrote - the residents of Ur have been the only one having an
6-month-year misunderstanding would have been inescapable.

Therefore I think we have to find other solutions than that one.

BTW: what are your sources about the 6-month-year. I'd like to read more
about this.

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