[b-hebrew] b-hebrew Digest, Vol 58, Issue 18

Yaakov Stein yaakov_s at rad.com
Sat Oct 20 14:44:29 EDT 2007

> What is in interesting in the story of judges 14 is that the  
> Philistines appear to have spoken good Hebrew. 

I don't know much about the language they spoke in the time of Samson
(12th century or so BCE?)
but in an 8th century BCE inscription found in Ekron
(published by Gitin, Dothan and Naveh)
the language is very close to Hebrew.

Interestingly the word &R is used for king instead of MLK,
which seems to be in line with the bible's usage of SRN
and &R (in Sam1).

Yaakov (J) Stein

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