[b-hebrew] Where did Abraham view the smoke from?

biblical hebrew jcr.bhebrew at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 16:28:44 EDT 2007

Hi Jim,

while I appreciate your efforts use 'logic' to interpret the text we have
been left with, your methods sometimes leave a lot to be desired. The text
does not say that Abraham saw Sodom it says he saw the smoke. Your
assumption that he needed to be on a mountatin at Bethel/Ai is, therefore,
completely unsubstantiated. The ONLY clue that the text gives us of
Abraham's location is in the words of where he had stood before Yhwh. Unless
you can prove that Abraham 'stood before Yhwh' at Bethel/Ai then you have
absolutely no case whatsoever for assuming that Abraham viewed the smoke
from there and no amount of length to your posts is ever going to change

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