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B. M. Rocine brocine at twcny.rr.com
Tue Oct 16 20:49:15 EDT 2007

Hi John,

The string you are looking for `RK + 'L only generates four hits in 
BibleWorks, the two you have mentioned (Psa 40:6; Job 32:14) and two 
others, Jdg 20:30 and 1Ch  19:17.  The string `RK + X + 'L (where X is a 
wildcard word) generates no hits.

Personally, I think your idea, that no one can mount an (successful) 
opposition to the testimonies of YHWH's wondrous works, is a viable 
interpretation, even though it is not recognized in English translations.


JBarach at aol.com wrote:
> B-Haverim --
> Any suggestions on how to understand (and translate) the phrase at the end  
> of the second line of Ps. 40:6?  
> I've seen that line rendered "Your thoughts toward us cannot be recounted  to 
> you in order" (NKJV) or "reckoned up in order" (KJV), presumably taking ערך, 
>  which has the root sense of laying something out or stacking something up, 
> as  having to do with setting things out in order in words.  It's possible that 
>  that's how the phrase is used in Job 32:14.  
> Others take this phrase to refer to *comparison*: "There is no comparison  
> with you!"  The context does suggest occasion for such a comment, given  that 
> the previous verse speaks of those who are turning aside to "a lie" (i.e.,  a f
> alse god).  But is this phrase ever used elsewhere for comparison?   The verse 
> that is often cited as proof of this possibility is Isaiah 40:18, but  that 
> isn't exactly this phrase!
> With the addition of  אל, however, it seems that the phrase often has  to do 
> with setting an army in order, arraying an army, against someone.   Even in 
> Job 32:14, where it is words that are being laid out (in order), the  sense of 
> opposition is still present.
> Would it be correct, then, to understand the last half of this line as  
> saying something like "There is no one arrayed against you" -- perhaps in the  
> sense "No one can be arrayed against you (and succeed)?"  The whole line  would 
> then be understood this way: "As for your thoughts toward us -- no one can  be 
> arrayed against you (successfully)."  
> Any help you could provide would be appreciated.  In particular, it  would 
> help if any of you have the technology that allows you to list all the  passages 
> where this verb is used with אל.  That's something I can't search  for on my 
> computer and I'd like to be able to study those passages.
> Thanks!
> John

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