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Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Tue Oct 16 20:31:24 EDT 2007

We've been through this conversation many times on this list.  Note 
that I was not the one who accused anyone - for having other beliefs 
than I - of being racist, nor did I put anyone else in the position 
of feeling that they had to apologize to me for believing differently 
than I do.  So your mussar to me is unfair and misplaced.

I wouldn't even EXPECT most of this list to believe what I do.

I, however, was the one accused, whether directly or by implication, 
of being racist for stating my beliefs, and therefore - without 
apologizing - I elaborated on my beliefs to demonstrate that they are 
not racist.  It was OBVIOUS in my post that  I didn't elaborate on 
them to insinuate that you all have to likewise believe them.

Re the second topic - the name of the region described, coveted, 
promised, and lauded, by the Torah - the best way to avoid all 
insinuations of anything, is to use only the names that G-d/ the 
Torah uses.  Which is what I already said, and really it is all I 
said on that topic.


It is fine if you want to believe all of this, as long as you are willing to
accept that many of us may not accept it and do not intend our beliefs to be
racist or an insult to anyone, and that we will not apologise for not
believing as you do.  To avoid all insinuations when referring to
Israel/Canaan/Palestine/etc seems to be very difficult, as virtually every
alternative comes with some sort of baggage.  Perhaps we just all need to
read the terms as being neutral unless otherwise stated.
Kevin Riley
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From: Shoshanna Walker
Date: 17/10/2007 8:30:37 AM
I disagree, I do not think that it is racist to believe that Torah
Existed before Creation, that it was G-d's blueprint for creating the
World and that therefore it contains all knowledge of past present
And future in it, That G-d used the Hebrew letters as tools for the
Creation of the world, that the original Torah existed without word
Breaks, but that Moshe was given one particular version with the word
Breaks that have been handed down to us, that the Torah pre-existed
Every other language, including Arabic, that everything one wants to
Know about Torah (and about more than Torah as well) is CONTAINED in
The Torah, and that therefore there is no need to look elsewhere for
Explanations of Torah, even where our understanding seems to be
Lacking at first, that only a fraction of this information is
Contained in the words themselves, and the rest in infinitely deeper
And deeper layers within.
I do not believe this position is an insult to anyone. It certainly
Is not racist, and does not need an apology.
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