[b-hebrew] Was Sarah a blonde Viking sex goddess? (was Genesis 20:1)

biblical hebrew jcr.bhebrew at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 05:25:29 EDT 2007

Hi Isaac,

while your theory on Sarah is amusing, yet plausable, don't you think your
theory could be subject to criticism that it stems from your own personal
preferences. How do we know that Abimelech didn't have a thing for dark
skin, plump bottoms and curly hair? Or maybe he had a thing for the oriental
AV model types?

Anyway, seriously, while you do have a point that Abimelech possible had a
harem full of beautiful women to choose from and that what catches the eye
is something new what you have overlooked is the 'new' factor. Abimelech may
have already had his full of the present selection offered by his local
harem. Sarah was something new. He hadn't seen her before and this combined
with natural beauty of whatever complexion and hair colour she happened to
be was enough to get him interested.

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