[b-hebrew] Calm Down! (FROM MODERATORS)

K Randolph kwrandolph at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 02:59:47 EDT 2007

Dear Shoshanna:

I did not realize that a name that is found in Torah, )RC PL$TYM (e.g.
Genesis 21:32, Exodus 13:17, etc.), or in English (and this discussion
is written in English) either "Philistia" or "Palestine", would cause
such an emotional reaction. All I intended was to show the historical
progression of what land was referred to by that name up to the time
of the British Mandate. That does not mean that I agree with that
progression, just that it happened.

As far as modern politics are concerned, that was ruled off topic by
the moderators and I deliberately did not mention anything after the
beginning of the British Mandate, even then not mentioning the
politics. If you wish for clarification of my political views, you
will have to ask for them off list.

I now regret referring to that name, as I did not realize that it
would be such a hot button item.

Karl W. Randolph.

On 10/15/07, Shoshanna Walker <rosewalk at concentric.net> wrote:
> I asked a valid question, and you didn't answer it.  It has nothing
> to do with zeal for my beliefs, but with accuracy re talking in the
> Torah's language, ie; Biblical Hebrew
> So I'll re-phrase.
> Why is opposition to using a name to designate the region described,
> lauded, promised and coveted in the Torah, which was not used by the
> Torah, considered politically incorrect?  Why should it be used in
> the first place on this list, which is supposed to be Torah based?
> Surely everybody knows that the term was first used by the Romans,
> thousands of years after the Torah was revealed in its present
> written form, in this physical world.  Why would it offend anyone,
> that I object to using that term on this list???
> I would not object if you used "C'naan", since G-d did.
> As was requested, our political views should not be reflected in our
> discussions, so I also am requesting that they (political views, ie,
> as concerns the name of this region) should not be presented, but
> just defer to Hashem's names for this land, (which He created) as
> recorded in the Torah.
> Shoshanna

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