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It is not only what the Torah says but more so what we understand her  
saying as she winks at us. The bible very rarely refers to the human  
physiognomy [one exception is 1 Samuel 16:12, where ADMONI may allude  
to hair color]. The fact of the matter is that SARAYI was  
exceptionally beautiful to the point of causing, upon her arrival  
there, a national stir in Egypt [see Genesis 12:14] and her being  
eventually taken to the king's house. There must have been something  
very very unusual about her person to warrant such interest in her by  
a satiated king who had a well stocked harem of beautiful girls of  
all ages and shapes [methinks].
Picture the hormonal upheaval that a tall, fair skinned, blond  
haired, blue eyed [Nordic?] woman would have caused in the land of  
the tawny [the reverse is, of course, true too].
This was possibly also what drove the Egyptian mistress of Joseph the  
righteous crazy with lust [see Genesis 39:6-7].
I suspect that the three sons of NOAX, $EM, XAM, and YEPET are the  
olive skinned, the dark skinned, and the fair skinned.

Isaac Fried, Boston University

On Oct 15, 2007, at 11:21 PM, Shoshanna Walker wrote:

> Where does the Torah record that they were blond with blue eyes?
> Just curious, because I don't remember that.
> Shoshanna
> He was practically defenseless,
> and they were good looking people [blond with blue eyes?].
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