[b-hebrew] Genesis 20: 1

pporta at oham.net pporta at oham.net
Fri Oct 12 03:40:03 EDT 2007

> I feel uneasy with the interpretation of the -YAMIN part of the name
> BINYAMIN as the right hand side [namely the YEMENITE]. I tend to
> think that YAMIN = YAH-)AMIN, with YA =YAH being a reference to the
> God of the Hebrews.
> After all both his father YA-(AKOB and his
> grandfather YI-CXAQ had such a reference in their names, methinks.


Do you really think that the Y of YA-(AKOB and the Y of YI-CXAQ are a 
reference to the name of Israel's God?

Aren't they a mere prefix to show the imperfective or future verb tense, the 
same as other hundreds of samples in the Bible?

Pere Porta
Barcelona (Spain)

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